Kauffman Orchards All-Natural Blackberry Spread, No Granulated Sugar Added, 9 Oz.

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Bringing you a taste of PA Dutch culture, this premium Blackberry Spread from Kauffman Orchards is made with quality fruit ingredients. This homestyle jam is cooked with no added granulated sugar and less processing than most commercial brands, resulting in a delicious real-fruit flavor. It's delicious on toast, bagels, cream cheese crackers, ice cream, and grilled meats. Go ahead and spread some homemade-in-Amish-country blackberry goodness on all your treats!

Jam, Jelly, Spread - What's the difference? Jams have bits of real fruit in the final product; Jellies do not; Spreads are considered to be "sugar free", which technically means no added granulated sugar.

Ing: Blackberries, White Grape Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Citric Acid, Vinegar