Kauffman Orchards Homemade, Fresh-Pressed Apple Cider

$30.50 - $95.00
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Kauffman Orchards homemade sweet apple cider is loved by thousands! Fresh-pressed and smacking of autumn flavor, the quality is top-notch, and the flavor will enliven your dining table and wow your guests. The premium flavor is achieved by blending just the right amount of sweet and tart apples together during the pressing process. This premium apple cider is flash-pasteurized for safety, then frozen for shipping and packed in a heavy insulated shipping box. By freezing it prior to shipping it, we ensure that the cider gets to your front door in perfect condition. If the cider isn't completely thawed upon arrival, please let it thaw completely and then shake before serving, for optimum texture, flavor, and satisfaction. Since the only ingredient in this Apple Cider is fresh apples, you will need to refrigerate your apple cider when it arrives. The shelf life is 1-2 weeks from when you receive it if it’s handled like milk – refrigerate it constantly.