PA Dutch Cope's Corn Variety Pack, Dried Sweet Corn & Canned Golden Sweet Corn

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For generations, families have enjoyed John Copes dried sweet corn, produced from special varieties that are grown in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. These naturally sweet varieties are harvested in the early stages of maturity, processed, then air dried to remove the moisture, preserve the nutrients and impart the golden color and toasted sweet corn flavor. Dried sweet corn is a wholesome dish that lends itself for use in many different corn recipes. Each can of delicious Cope's Golden Sweet Corn is a "heat 'n serve" product. The flavor of summer corn selected from tender young ears grown from a new Hybrid seed of our own selection is always available to you in this product. The corn is cut off and evaporated by special process resulting in a delicious tasty flavor and a golden toasted color. Item Weight - 15 oz. Directions: No further soaking or cooking is necessary. The corn is seasoned mildly and put in cans for you to heat and serve. Additional butter salt and sugar to taste. If preferred cream may be added. Ingredients: Corn Water Sugar and Salt.