Solid Ground Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee Variety Pack, Fair Trade, 36 Oz.

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Made in the USA, Solid Ground Coffee is a premium coffee blended by the Gooch family in Georgia. Many US customers will recognize Matt Gooch as being the guitarist in the famous Southern Gospel worship music band Karen Peck and New River. Established in 2017, Solid Ground Coffee is a coffee company dedicated to product and philosophy: fresh, great-tasting coffee, but also a company that treats farmers fairly. All of our coffee is a part of a program called "farmer sustainability." This means that the farmers in these countries that produce great coffee get fair wages to compensate them for their time and energy. We also believe in roasting coffee to maintain the integrity of the coffee. At Solid Ground Coffee, we do our best to roast our coffees to showcase their best attributes for our customers. Take your morning seriously with Solid Ground Coffee!