Strong Tower El Salvador “Cup of Excellence” Ground Coffee Variety Pack, High Altitude/Fair Trade, 12 Oz. Bags (Pack of 3)

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Strong Tower Coffee - Country of Origin: El Salvador - Elevation: Strict High Altitude - Trade Type: Fairly Traded, Farmer Direct - Process: Hand Picked, Wet Process, Sun Dried. Strong Tower Coffee is a gourmet coffee grown and processed in El Salvador and then imported to the USA to be roasted. Our goal is to support Strong Tower Children's Home in El Salvador. The coffee you are about to drink is the result of much hard work and dedication to make the Strong Tower Children’s Home “self-supporting". From the very beginning of this project we decided that we want our clients to buy our coffee because of its superior quality and taste – not just because they want to support the children at the Strong Tower Children’s Home. We have taken classes at a Coffee School in order to select and process the coffee that you drink in the best possible way. This harvest was our first (2010-2011) experience and we had much learning to do in order to give you the best possible coffee. Imagine our surprise and delight when the Coffee Laboratory gave our sample coffee an excellent rating and recommended it for the Cup of Excellence (“Taza de Excelencia”) competition! This a competition where the 100 (?) best coffees from El Salvador are graded by national and international catadores and where these coffees are sold on an electronic auction. We offer you several options – all of the excellent quality and all available right now.