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Kauffman Orchards Blueberry Jam, All Natural, No Preservatives

Kauffman Orchards

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An authentic, homemade, less commercial fruit spread with no added granulated sugar, brought to you by Kauffman Orchards. We suggest topping your favorite scoop of ice cream with a generous quantity of this fabulous Blueberry Spread. You'll love this vintage fruit product with its bold blueberry flavor from plump, succulent blueberries. Get right to the good stuff with this wholesome, economical blueberry spread. Are you looking for an explanation of the differences between jams, jellies, and spreads? Jams include pieces of the real fruit within the puree; jellies do not. Spreads are a no-granulated-sugar-added version and are popular with folks who have diabetes and need to closely watch their sugar intake.