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Kauffman Orchards Fresh-Picked Crimson Crisp Apples

Kauffman Orchards

$30.00 - $104.99
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Orchard Experts – Believe it or not, you don't even have to drive to an orchard to get fresh apples anymore! You can just buy one of our premium Apple Boxes, packed with our homegrown, juicy CrimsonCrisp apples – an apple that combines the best characteristics of Rome, Golden Delicious and Jonathan. Kauffman Orchards is a family-owned small business in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, established back in 1915 with a vision to grow fresh, nutritious fruit that enhances quality of life for the American consumer. Today, the orchard still follows that goal. Managed by the 4th and 5th generations of Kauffmans, Kauffman Orchards grows Nutrient-Dense fruit that has enhanced vitamins, minerals, and flavor. Snacking and Salads – CrimsonCrisp is visually bright and attractive, and it brings a great taste and texture sensation. It’s a great sweet/tart fresh-eating and salad apple. A good substitute for Honeycrisp, CrimsonCrisp trees need less spray applied during the growing season, resulting in higher nutrition benefits in a CrimsonCrisp apple for the consumer. This Apple Box contains premium, Nutrient-Dense, non-GMO, non-waxed CrimsonCrisp apples, and each apple has soft, high-density foam surrounding it to ensure protection during shipping. The 8-count box holds approximately 2.5-3 lb. of fresh apples; the 16-count box, approximately 5-6 lb. (about a peck by volume); the 48-count box, approximately 15-18 lb. (about 3/5 bushel). We carefully pack each apple box with the best quality apples that were picked by hand in our orchard. Since fresh fruit ripens quickly in hot temperatures during transit, we may wait to ship your order until Monday or Tuesday to ensure that your fruit arrives before the weekend. Refrigerate your apples upon arrival. Please Note: Due to state agriculture regulations, we may not ship fruit to California, Washington or Oregon. If an order comes through from any of these states, we will cancel the order.