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Stockin's Apiaries Raw Buckwheat Honey, Unheated and Unfiltered

Stockin's Apiaries

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Orchard Experts Brought to you by Kauffman Orchards, this gourmet, raw Buckwheat Honey is sourced 100% from Washington State, the top buckwheat-honey-producing state in the union. "Dark," "complex", and "robust" are terms that describe buckwheat honey – you’ll love it! Often used in baking and considered to be helpful for soothing of coughs, buckwheat honey and other similar darker honeys are believed to contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Everything about this premium, raw honey – from its pleasing dark color to its raw state (unheated, unfiltered, nothing removed, nothing added) – speaks of exquisite taste, superior quality, and outstanding nutrition!Sweet and Natural Goodness – This fresh-bottled, naturally crystallized Stockin’s honey is always kept under 108 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve 100% of its enzymes. Enzymes are part of a healthy diet, helping our bodies to function optimally. Note – Raw honey may vary in color, taste, and consistency, depending on the floral sources available to the honey bees.