Kauffman Orchards Dark Rye Flour In Bulk, Fiber Rich For Homemade Bread

Kauffman's Fruit Farm

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Dark Rye Flour is a high fiber flour made from whole rye grain, including the bran. Use this flour to produce delicious loaves of breads, as well as muffins and bagels when mixed with higher protein flour. Rye Flour is often used to bake traditional sourdough-type breads that are popular in Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Because rye doesn't produce as much gluten, cooks often use a mixture of rye and wheat flour to produce a softer loaf. We buy large quantities of ConAgra Mills Dark Whole Rye Flour and repackage it into more practical sizes for your baking needs, at a price that is also practical for your wallet. Buy in Bulk Quantities and Save $$$. Ingredients: Rye Flour. Contains Wheat.