Kauffman Orchards Whole Oat Flour In Bulk, For Baking Without Wheat Flour

Kauffman's Fruit Farm

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We’ve been in business since 1911 and family owned and operated for 5 generations — today, we have award-winning products in major retailers across the country, but we still stick to our humble traditions to give you the best whole oat flour possible. First, while other oat flours can have strange tastes, ours doesn’t. That’s because it’s freshly milled from 100% whole grain groats (the inner kernel of the oat), which has been kilned to create a lovely toasted flavor and to turn off what causes the oats to go bad. (We use NO additives and NO preservatives too.) Second, other oat flours can sometimes break in transit, leaving you with a mess and wasted money. That’s why we carefully double-bag and hand-pack every order of whole oat flour to prevent those leaks. We even cushion your order by filling the empty space inside of the box to ensure your oat flour doesn’t move around or get damaged. Third, this whole oat flour meets the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and it’s milled in what’s called “the largest, cleanest, and most technologically advanced oat mill in all of North America.” We also offer bulk options for more savings! What Our Customers Say: “If you want to try adding a different flour to your baking, I definitely recommend trying this, especially at this amazing price!” — Dulcinea, Verified Purchase “Never has oat flour smelled so delicious.” — M&PE, Verified Purchase “Soft and silky oat flour...FANTASTIC PURCHASE!” — Cheryl B., Verified Purchase “This flour is wonderful. It came packaged perfectly and they even sent a little thank you note along with it. I will definitely order this product again.” — Carol, Verified Purchase Helpful Whole Oat Flour Info: - Replace up to 20% of what you normally use with other flours and get delicious results. - Shelf Life: One year if stored in a cool, dry area Ingredients: Whole Grain Oats