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Kauffman Orchards Whole Oat Flour in Bulk, 4.5 lb. Bag

Kauffman Orchards

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Milled from rolled oats, this excellent nutritional alternative to popular wheat flours is very light in color and texture. Whole Oat Flour is created by grinding kilned groats with the bran layers fully intact. It's an excellent addition to various baked products because it makes the end product fluffier; plus, it's an excellent source of whole grain. When using whole oat flour in a recipe, you can replace as much as 50% of the wheat flour called for with this Oat Flour and experience very good results. We buy large quantities of Grain Millers Whole Oat Flour and repackage it into more practical sizes for your baking needs, at a price that is also practical for your wallet. Buy in Bulk Quantities and Save!