Kauffman Orchards Organic Rolled Oats In Bulk, Regular/Old-Fashioned, Non-GMO

Kauffman's Fruit Farm

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These Organic Regular Rolled Oats (also called Old-Fashioned Oats) are made from kilned, whole groats processed by steaming and flaking and are Certified Organic throughout both the growing and processing! Oat flakes - and especially this ORGANIC choice - are most often served as a popular, hot breakfast meal, but are also greatly appreciated when used as the primary ingredient in a number of products such as cookies, breads and granola. For your peace of mind, these Organic Rolled Oats are grown Non-GMO and loaded with healthy nutrition. The oats are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, a leading nonprofit certifier, educator and advocate for organic agriculture and products since 1974. Buy in Bulk Quantities and Save $$$. Ingredients: Whole Grain Oats